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October 14, 2005
The catfish has landed!
OK, OK, I know what everybody says, that you start a blog and then all you end up blogging about is your pet, but I gotta tell ya, I just got the coolest catfish! He smells all clean and fishy and he’s got the cutest whiskers — they tickle! I think I’m going to name him El Gordito, because he’s such a little butterball!
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October 10, 2005
I hate Heather!
I hate Heather. I never thought I’d say it, but I so hate her. She is a fake friend, a phoney, and a poseur. We were best friends, swimming in the same cave, going to the same school. When I started dating Derek, she acted like she was all happy and stuff. She said how he was so cute, all pigmentless and eyeless and all. The three of us would go foraging for bat droppings together. I was so happy that my best friend and my boyfriend hit it off — I didn’t think anything of it when she’d suggest they do things together when I was busy. Well, you can guess the rest. I can’t believe I was so stupid! Now he’s my ex-boyfriend and Heather’s my ex-best friend. I am so depressed. Here’s a picture of us in happier times. Miss Phoney McPhoney is on the left.
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October 5, 2005
An appeal to J.K. Rowling
Come on, J.K. Rowling, and get a move on the last Harry Potter book already! Or put up that epilogue you’ve said you’ve already written — I only live about 5 years or so and what if I’m not alive when book seven comes out? I have to know what happens to Snape! Please! (By the way, that cave you described in The Half-Blood Prince was pretty cool.) So hurry up, lady! Just because you know what happens doesn’t mean the rest of us do!
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October 2, 2005
Hola Amigos!
Welcome to my brand new blog, Dark Waters! Isn’t that a cool name? I live in the dark, deep, still waters of a cave and my thoughts and feelings are like still, dark, and deep waters that run deep, still, and dark. I’m going to share my dreams and hopes: I’m going to rant and rave about culture and art and history and philosophy and science and maybe even throw a little original poetry at ya. Just because I’m a blind teenage cavefish that lives in a cave doesn’t mean I don’t know stuff . . .
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Name: B. Cavefish, a.k.a. Astyanax fasciatus mexicanus
Home: Mexico
Sign: Pisces (duh!)
Love: Harry Potter, my pet catfish El Gordito, nutrient-rich bat droppings
Hate: Gollum, that slinker of a stinker of a blind cavefish eater. Oh, and all phonies and poseurs who think they’re all that (like Heather).

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This article appeared in the November/December 2005 issue of the children’s science magazine Muse.
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